Obtain Startup Visa for Portugal

Updated on Monday 18th January 2021

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Entrepreneurs from non-EU/EEA countries who wish to do business in Portugal, relocate or develop an already created startup in the country can do so through a special program. If their company qualifies, they can obtain a startup visa in Portugal that will allow them to do business in an environment that will allow them to grow.
Our agents who specialize in immigration to Portugal can also help you with information about how to open a business or relocate a startup and benefit from the advantages Portugal has to offer. If you happen to be interested about another type of visa, for example the golden visa in Portugal, or a residence permit in Portugal, our immigration lawyers can help you obtain it.

Who can apply for the startup visa?

Entrepreneurs are eligible for the startup visa in Portugal if they wish to start a company or they have already registered their business in a non-EU/EEA country. An important condition is that the applicant has funds (in a bank account) that amount to at least 5147€ for one year (per person).

If they are accepted for the program they can comply with the requirements for minimum residence in order to be able to apply for Portugal citizenship, should they wish to relocate to the country permanently.

What are the conditions for the applicants?

The entrepreneur will need to comply with the following criteria:
- be over 18 years of age and have no criminal record;
- non-Schengen regular residence in the recent past;
Our Portugal immigration agents can help evaluate your application to see if you satisfy all of these conditions and provide more information about the general regime for the residence permit in Portugal.

What are the conditions for the startup project?

Investors willing to explore the Portugal immigration options they have through this program should know that their startup or project needs to be focused on technology and needs to be able to generate an annual turnover of 325,000€ per year within five years of entering into a chosen tech incubator. Moreover, the new business needs to be able to promote the creation of new jobs.
The applications can be submitted all year and they can be submitted online, on the Startup Visa portal.
Portugal is a country that offers a dynamic business field and investors in the technology sector can explore the options and benefits offered by this special program. Investors who qualify can also choose to apply for Portugal citizenship if they have lived long enough in the country.
For detailed information for those who also want to move to the county, not just start a business here, you can contact our Portugal immigration agents.