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Updated on Thursday 28th May 2020

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Lexidy Law Boutique SLP is a law firm focused on helping foreign citizens with legal advice and assistance in several immigration matters, such as obtaining  a visa or residency in Portugal. Our immigration lawyers in Portugal have helped numerous foreigners move legally to this country by offering them personalized and affordable expat services. From helping them obtain the right type of visa to assisting them in the process of acquiring Portuguese citizenship, our dedicated team of lawyers has handled successfully numerous immigration cases.  

Meet our team of lawyers!

Federico Richardson - Lawyer

The leader of our English speaking team in Barcelona, Federico has worked with numerous foreign investors in Spain. His primary areas of expertise are Corporate and Real Estate and, in these two areas in particular, he has valuable experience in structuring as well as managing deals. He is a law graduate from the University in Navarra and his work within the team is focused on delivering quality services.



Pina Espinoza Carrizosa - Lawyer 

As an expat herself, Pina Espinoza Carrizosa is the perfect lawyer to be head of our Immigration Department. She is a German expat who has a degree in Spanish law from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and two state exams in the German law from the University of Passau and Bavaria. She is directly involved in the work of our English speaking team in Barcelona and is the leading attorney for our German desk. Pina Espinoza Carrizosa speaks three languages: German, Spanish and English.



Antonio Torres Valdés - Lawyer

Antonio is a trilingual lawyer who has found that working in the international market offers an important professional (and personal) experience. He speaks Spanish, English, and French and had a law degree from the University of Navarra. His work at Lexidy is mainly within the Corporate and Real Estate Departments, however, he is also involved in the Immigration Department as he as a special focus on Immigration Law. 




For more information about our immigration services in Portugal or for a customized offer, please contact us at: clients(at)lawyers-portugal.com.