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Updated on Wednesday 24th April 2019

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The role of a Portugal immigration lawyer is a unique one in the sense that he deals with specialized matters that can be included in a well-defined niche. The role can be both a counseling one and one related to legal representation when their client is involved in litigation concerning immigration matters. However, most of the work performed by these lawyers is out of court and it has to do with assisting individuals throughout the immigration process.
Moving to Portugal and residing here permanently is possible for foreign nationals. This process needs to take place as per the local immigration laws and as per the ones related to lawfully working and residing in the country. While some options for foreign nationals can seem more straightforward, such as those related to investing in Portugal for the purpose of acquiring residency, others will involve third parties, such as the employer.
Working with an immigration lawyer in Portugal can be important and very helpful for foreign nationals. The types of services offered by these professionals can be similar, however, before working with an attorney that specializes in these matters it is worth knowing that he or she must have the essential legal studies and qualifications. 
Below, we answer some questions both about the qualifications of immigration lawyers in Portugal and the services that they provide.

Who serves as an immigration lawyer in Portugal?

Lawyers are legal professionals who go through a mandatory process of formation and examination. Lawyers in Portugal are required to:
  • have a law degree issued by a Portuguese university or a foreign university;
  • complete a traineeship: this lasts eighteen months and has two distinct stages;
  • pass the Bar exam which includes a written part and an oral part.
Only those lawyers who are registered with the Bar Association have the ability to practice this profession. The name of the Association in Portuguese is Ordem dos Advogados
There is no distinction made between lawyers and legal advisers in Portugal. Foreign lawyers can also practice in Portugal, however, they will need to comply with special requirements.
When choosing to work with a Portugal immigration lawyer, the experience of the legal professional can be very important for the client. We recommend reaching out to our lawyers who have experience working with individuals from various countries.

What are the services offered by an immigration lawyer in Portugal?

Immigration and citizenship services offered by accredited lawyers and legal consultants in Portugal will generally include the following:
  1. Visa application: a lawyer can answer your questions concerning a visa for traveling to Portugal from selected countries.
  2. Work permit application: assistance for obtaining the work permit, a step in which the employer is also involved.
  3. Study permit applications: specialized assistance for foreign nationals, including minors, who are interested in studying in Portugal.
  4. Family reunification: these matters can be more complex, especially when the family involves minor children and other dependents; the aid of a lawyer can be important.
  5. Citizenship applications: assistance for acquiring citizenship through naturalization and counseling regarding the general compliance requirements.
  6. Expat services: counseling and assistance for expats who have already moved to Portugal but are in need of specialized legal aid.
Our team of immigration lawyers in Portugal offers all of the abovementioned services and can provide clients with specialized assistance according to their country of origin. This is an important aspect to take into consideration when moving to Portugal because the requirements for third-country nationals can differ from those applicable to EU residents. 

What are the general aspects related to immigration to Portugal? 

The Portuguese immigration law allows for several manners in which a foreign national can move to the country long-term of permanently. The process of applying for the residence permit that will be required in order to stay in the country starts in the applicant’s country of origin. However, an immigration lawyer in Portugal can provide the needed assistance even before the application is submitted to the Portuguese authorities for evaluation.
By working with a specialized attorney, such as an immigration lawyer, individuals can make sure that the application they submit is one that complies with all of the ongoing requirements. 
An immigration lawyer in Portugal provides a wide range of services, from the initial stages of applying for the residence permit to ongoing counseling once the immigrant has arrived in Portugal and needs to handle the post-arrival steps.
Contact our Portugal immigration lawyers for more information about how we can assist you.


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