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Updated on Thursday 25th July 2019

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Individuals who wish to immigrate to Portugal from New Zealand will need to comply with the entry and the residency requirements. The Portugal immigration process is one that starts with applying for the right type of long-term visa. Portugal and New Zealand have a good bilateral relationship. New Zealand has a Consulate in Lisbon and Portugal has an Embassy in Canberra, Australia. 
Moving to Portugal is an important decision, this is why our team of immigration lawyers offers personalized services, according to the jurisdiction from which individuals immigrate and according to the purpose of the stay. Applicants will need to start by submitting their application with the embassy or consulate in their country of origin, in this case, the Embassy in Canberra, Australia, which also serves New Zealand citizens.
In this article, we present the main manners in which foreign nationals from New Zealand can live in Portugal long-term, the requirements before arrival and those post-arrival in the country.
Please keep in mind that the information included herein is not exhaustive and it is general. Some applicants may need to follow special or additional steps, according to the purpose of their stay and whether or not they are also traveling to the country with minor children.
Individuals can request the specialized services offered by our team of immigration lawyers in Portugal for further details about the requirements as well as detailed information about the questions answered in this article.

What are the residency requirements?

Citizens of third states (that is, all other states except EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland) are required to obtain and hold a residency visa. This is mandatory and it differs according to the purpose of the stay, as detailed below.
Entry into the country will be possible based on this residency visa and our team of Portugal immigration agents can give you more details about the subsequent submissions for obtaining a residence permit (an application that is made with the Foreigners and Borders Service). 

What are the long-term purposes of stay for moving to Portugal?

Foreign nationals can choose to apply for a residence permit based on their particular reason for the long-term stay in the country. These are the following:
  1. Employment work: on the basis on a work contract, the promise of employment or an interest in the applicant’s particular skills.
  2. Highly qualified employment: based on a work contract for highly qualified employees in particular fields.
  3. Independent work: for entrepreneurs who plan on becoming involved in independent professional activity.
  4. Teaching, cultural activities: an invitation from a higher education institute, professional training institute or other cultural centers.
  5. Study, research and others: for students accepted by a university or professional training institution as well as for researchers invited by an agency.
  6. Family reunification: based on a proof of family relationship and checked by the Immigration and Border Services.
  7. Retirement: for applicants who wish to retire based on proof that they can sustain themselves (with a certain retirement amount).
Our immigration lawyers in Portugal can provide applicants with more details with the required documents for each of these residence permits. Each of the categories will require a set of general documents, such as the applicant’s valid passport and recent photographs, as well as particular ones, such as the employment agreement or the letter of acceptance for university or other studies.
Once they arrive in the country, immigrants from New Zealand will need to follow a number of steps, such as obtaining their residence permit and handling different matters.  One of our Portugal immigration specialists can help you with further details about these steps as well as with making the relevant appointments with the Foreigners and Borders Service, as needed.
Portugal is a country with a long history of having received immigrants and today the country is receiving different types of immigrants. The quality of life and the relatively lower living costs compared to other country are some of the main advantages for New Zealanders living here.
According to the Immigration and Border Services, the country has the following immigration statistics:
  • in 2017, there were approximately 29,000 new expats in Portugal.
  • the number of foreign nationals living in the country increased by 16% compared to 2016.
Foreigners who decide to move to Portugal enjoy a good quality of live and good climate as well as the fact that they will reside in an EU country. New Zealanders who wish to relocate cab work with our team in order to make the change as streamlined as possible.
Contact our immigration lawyers in Portugal for complete information about moving from New Zealand to Lisbon or another chosen city.


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