Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Updated on Tuesday 31st May 2022

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The Portugal digital nomad visa regime is one of the most attractive in Europe, making the country a most suitable option for individuals who wish to set up their headquarters for remote work in a beautiful and vibrant country.
Digital nomads enjoy the possibility to work remotely, not needing to be based in their home country. This grants them an above-average level of flexibility, allowing them to change the location from which they work as they please.
If you want to move to Portugal for one year or more and work as a digital nomad, our team can help you apply for the right type of visa.

What are the main advantages of working as a digital nomad in Portugal?

Portugal is one of the countries in Europe offering a digital nomad visa or as defined by the authorities, a visa for residency (for more than 1 year) for the purpose of independent work or entrepreneurs.
Our Portugal immigration agents list the main benefits below:
  1. the holder can choose to apply for a visa for temporary stay (less than 1 year) or for residency (over 1 year), and he or she can renew the visa;
  2. the Portugal digital nomad visa also offers the option of bringing family members, subject to a number of conditions;
  3. the application procedure is not a complicated one, and it is based on the ability to show that one will have sufficient income; moreover, our team can help you prepare the documents as requested by the authorities;
  4. Portugal is not only a beautiful country with an excellent climate, but it is also a European country with a low cost of living.
 US citizens who wish to work remote can use this option, and so can other foreign nationals.


What are the application requirements for the Portugal digital nomad visa?

As for all types of visas, there are a number of conditions when applying for a permit that allows the holder to remain in the country for remote work purposes.
The following conditions are relevant for those applying for the Portugal digital nomad visa:
  • Identification documents: two recent photographs, a passport or another valid travel document;
  • Proof of sufficient means: this can be shown through a promise of work or a work contract in force; this agreement for work should cover a sufficient period;
  • Proof of accommodation: in addition to proving one’s financial means, the applicant will also need to show that he/she has accommodation in the country; a rental agreement is commonly used;
  • Criminal record: special permission for this step is granted to the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service;
  • Others: when it is relevant for the profession, the applicant will need to prove that he/she has the necessary qualifications to perform the activity (if such profession is subject to qualifications in Portugal).
According to Eurostat, Portugal released 84,397 first residence permits to applicants in 2020. Other data shows that:
  • 32,666 of these permits, or 38.7% were issued for employment purposes;
  • 12,285 permits were issued for education purposes;
  • 35,735 permits were for family purposes;
  • 3,711 permits were for other purposes.

How can your team help me?

If you are a digital nomad looking to change locations, our immigration lawyer in Portugal can help you throughout all of the visa application steps.
We offer tailored solutions, according to the applicant’s nationality, his or her purpose of stay, and whether or not they are accompanied by family members (dependents).
Seeking pre-application assistance is often recommended when applying for any type of visa or residence permit, including the Portugal digital nomad visa. This way, the applicant can rest assured that the files and properly submitted and that no relevant documents are omitted.
If you are a non-EU citizen and investing in Portugal is (also) an option, our team can also help you apply for a golden visa in Portugal.
Contact us if you want to apply for the Portugal digital nomad visa. We can help you throughout the process so that you can continue focusing on running your business remotely.