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Updated on Sunday 20th October 2019

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Applying for a residence permit in order to relocate to Portugal from Chile is not a complicated process, however, the applicant will need to prepare a set of documents and make a number of prior arrangements, depending on the type of residence he or she is seeking. The application is submitted to the Embassy of Portugal in Chile. 
Our team of immigration lawyers in Portugal can help Chilean nationals who are interested in moving to the country. We can help them prepare the application documents as well as fill in the application according to the requirements of the Portuguese authorities. With our help, the application time will be shortened and the applicant will rest assured that he has complied with all of the ongoing requirements.

Moving to Portugal

Most of the Chileans interested in moving to Portugal will do so based on a work agreement with an employer in the country. However, there are other manners of applying for residence in Portugal:
  1. Working: the work permit can be for individuals that are employed, for self-employed individuals as well as for teaching or cultural activities; also applies to transferred workers.
  2. Highly-qualified workers: a separate type of permit is awarded to individuals how will engage in a highly qualified activity, as well as those who will engage in a highly qualified activity in certified companies (the tech visa).
  3. Studying: for higher education students, researchers, researchers in mobility, trainees as well as secondary school students or volunteers.
  4. Family reunification:  for a spouse, an underage or incapable child under guardianship, first-degree ascendants in direct line to the resident, etc.
  5. Investment: for opening a business that creates at least 10 job positions, for the purchase of real estate property of 350,000 euros or more as well as for capital transfers of certain amounts.
Another type of permit may be awarded for entrepreneur immigrants under the startup visa scheme that is subject to the inclusion of the business in a certified business incubator. 
The residence permits can be renewed as prescribed by law. Applicants should know that fees apply both for the initial residence permit application as well as for their renewal. 
Our team of immigration lawyers in Portugal can provide investors with more details about each of these residence permits. You can reach out to us and send us more information about the intended purpose of stay.

General conditions for acquiring the residence permit for Portugal

The applicant is required to submit all of the needed documents with the Portuguese embassy or Consulate. The list of specific documents will vary according to the chosen type of residence permit. For example, an applicant for an employment residence permit will present different documents compared to an investor. However, a number of documents are common in all cases. These are the following:
  • Photographs: two identical and recent phonographs in which the applicant needs to be clearly identifiable.
  • Personal documents: the passport or any other valid travel document, valid for at least three months of the duration of the intended stay.
  • Means of subsistence: the applicant must prove that he/she has sufficient means to provide for himself and the family or dependents, when applicable.
  • Accommodation: similar to the prior condition, the applicant is required to show that he/she has secured an accommodation in the country.
Other required documents will include a criminal record issued by the authorities in Chile and a medical record. In case of family reunification residence permits, proof of family relationship will also be required. One of our agents who specialize in immigration in Portugal can provide applicants with more details once you have forwarded us more details about the intended purpose of stay.
According to an annual report concerning the nationality of the Portuguese resident population, issued by the Foreigners and Borders Service, the number of Chileans was as follows:
  • 236 total number of immigrants from Chile;
  • out of the total, 116 were men and 120 were women;
  • another 46 Chileans (23 men and 23 women) were listed in the migration flows category.
The Foreigners and Borders Service is part of the Ministry of Internal Administration.
Our team of Portugal immigration agents can help Chileans moving to the country with information on family reunification, education and health issues as well as other matters concerning living in the country.
Contact us for complete assistance for moving to Portugal as well as ongoing support and advice if you have already arrived in the country as an expat.


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