Obtain Permanent Residency in Portugal

Updated on Saturday 27th October 2018

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Individuals who have been living for five uninterrupted years in Lisbon or another city can obtain permanent residency in Portugal, provided that they satisfy all of the ongoing conditions.
Moving to Portugal is an attractive option for many EU and non-EU nationals and the formal procedures for working and living in the country are fairly easy. 

Residency requirements in Portugal

An important condition for applying for permanent residency in Portugal is that the applicant has lived for five continuous years in the country. During this stay, he or she must have held a Registration Certificate, mandatory for all individuals who wish to stay in the country for more than three months, either if this stay is related to education, work or business purposes.
Third state residents, as well as those individuals from all other states who are not part of the EU (and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland), must first hold a residency visa before they can apply for permanent residency in Portugal.
Those interested in Portugal immigration should submit their application for a permanent residence in Portugal with the Foreigners and Borders Service.
Another manner in which an individual can acquire permanent residency is through investment. One of our Portugal immigration agents can help you with detailed information about this special investment process.

Applying for permanent residence in Portugal

The list below contains the main documents needed to apply for permanent residence in Portugal:
  • identification documents: the valid residence visa or temporary residence permit, as applicable, as well as the passport and two photographs
  • proof of income: the applicant must be able to prove that he/she has a steady or sufficient income to live in the country.
  • proof of accommodation: it is also mandatory to prove that accommodation is ensured, through a property purchase/rent agreement.
  • proof of uninterrupted residency: the applicant must show that he/she has been living in the country for the previous five years; an immigration lawyer in Portugal from our team can help you with information about the maximum absent periods during this time.
  • proof of healthcare and social security: a valid health insurance as well as proof of enrollment for social security and tax status.
  • proof of knowledge: the applicant must prove that he/she has sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language through a language assessment certificate.
Our Portugal immigration agents can help you with complete information about how to apply for permanent residence in the country.