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Updated on Monday 11th March 2019

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In order to immigrate to Portugal from Colombia, individuals need to hold a residence permit that is issued according to the purpose of the stay.
Moving to Portugal can be attractive for Colombian citizens as the country offers various opportunities for employment and doing business. Moreover, a special startup visa allows investors from Colombia to obtain residency when they submit a project for opening a company in Portugal that adds value to the local economy and proposes an innovative business idea.
One of our immigration lawyers in Portugal can assist all Colombian individuals interested in relocating to Portugal. This is an important decision, which in most cases will include a number of steps, starting with an application submitted to the Embassy of Portugal in Bogota. Requesting the specialized aid offered by our specialists means that you can be sure that the application will not be rejected. With our help, you can gather and prepare all of the needed documents as well as duly fill in the visa/residence permit application. 
Some of the types of residence permits that are granted to Colombian residents who are interested in moving to Portugal are issues for the following purposes of stay:
  • Employment: based on a work contract and proof that the applicant can qualify for practicing his profession in Portugal;
  • Self-employment: for an independent professional activity, such as liberal professions or for carrying out investment operations such as opening a company in Portugal;
  • Teaching: for teachers who have an employment contract or other individuals involved in cultural activities; an invitation letter is required (issued by the research center or the relevant institution);
  • Highly qualified activity: highly qualified individuals who have an employment contract in Portugal;
  • Study: for studying in a Portuguese university or higher education center; the admission letter must be presented by the applicant;
  • Family reunion: families can rejoin their relatives living in Portugal under certain conditions; proof of relationship must be provided;
  • Retirement: retired individuals who have sufficient means to sustain themselves have the option of moving to Portugal.
Colombians can select either of these purposes of stay in Portugal and apply for the relevant permit at the Embassy of Portugal. As briefly stated for each category, in order to have the application accepted, individuals will need to bring sufficient proof or documentation when making the application, such as the employment contract or proof of pension/steady income when applying for a retirement residence permit. One of our agents who specialize in Portugal immigration matters can help you submit the relevant documents.

What are the general documents needed for a visa application in Portugal?

The applicant must submit a set of general documents when applying for either of the types of residence permits. These include:
  • a valid passport, valid for at least three months more after the arrival;‚Äč
  • two recent passport-type photographs;
  • valid travel insurance;
  • certificate of criminal record;
  • proof of means of subsistence.

What are the conditions for residency permit based on investment in Portugal?

One of the manners of moving to Portugal for Colombian nationals is by conducting an investment activity in the country. This can mean opening a company or purchasing real estate. When the entrepreneur chooses to open a company, he must provide a business plan in order to prove that the business will bring an added value to the economy and the market and he should also show that through the creation of the company he will open up at least ten new jobs.
Investors who are interested in purchasing real estate in Portugal for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit should know that the real estate investment should be of at least 500,000 euros. For those property purchases targeting houses that have been constructed for over 30 years and that are located in urban regeneration areas, the total investment value can be lower. One of our immigration lawyers in Portugal can give you more details.
Another means of acquiring a residence permit through investment is when making capital investments in existing investment funds or venture capital funds, when investing in the artistic or cultural sector or when making the investment for the purpose of refurbishing national heritage. This means of acquiring a residence permit can be an attractive one to entrepreneurs from Colombia. This type of permit also grants the family of the applicant the right for reunification and, in time, the holder of a residence permit for an investment activity can apply for Portuguese citizenship by naturalization. 
Contact our agents who specialize in Portugal immigration for complete assistance.


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